What Is Video Marketing

At the advent of the World Wide Web, it was enough for many companies to simply throw up an electronic brochure that included some basic company, product and contact information. Potential customers back then were simply happy to be able to locate this information from their desktop, bypassing the old fashioned phone book. From a national or a global perspective back then, much of that information was not available at all.

Today, times are much different. Even basic web sites must have sophisticated interfaces, coding and digital tools in order to be effective. Today’s potential customer is much less patient with slow load times, hard-to-find information, or navigation that is not clearly intuitive. There is always competition that has a better website, and that competition will be more successful in capturing market share.

Start With A Local Partner

At Web-SEO, we are focused on being your New York partner in designing, developing and implementing an effective and affordable web site for your business. Our professionals can easily come to your office, sit down with your decision makers and create an excellent plan for your business. Whether you are in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens or New Jersey, call 855 gee-ksem or (855) 433-5736) to learn more today.

Our marketing and digital experts can help a Bronx business develop an ecommerce site, guide a Staten Island company in creating content management systems, or assist a Long Island organization in establishing a search engine optimization strategy. We will use the most advanced technology and developments to help you design a customized site that will attract and engage your key audiences effectively. We are proud that our solutions are made in USA.

First Steps

The effective development and design of a web site must start with a solid business strategy. That’s why our professionals want to start by getting to know your company, business, products, brand, challenges, competition and customers. By working with your team, we want to research, interview and study all these areas before embarking on a digital plan or proposal. Whether you are in New Jersey, the Bronx or on Staten Island, we will come to you so that we can build a solid foundation.

Once the groundwork is laid, our specialists will custom create everything from features, user interface and design to support that foundation. Our goal is to build an attractive, easy-to-use and functional web site that will capture the attention and activity of your key stakeholders and potential customers.

Our staff of information architects will incorporate the digital marketing goals and design so they work optimally on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices, making it easy and pleasant for your customers to access your New York company and product information however they desire.

Why Do We Need Digital Marketing

Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement

With technology, tools, and devices developing as quickly as they are today, we know that websites must be continually tested, monitored, updated and improved.


Before your NYC business web site goes live, our experienced team will have run hundreds of quality tests to make sure that broken links, speed issues, search results and the digital pipeline bottlenecks have been resolved. Once your Brooklyn business web site is up and running, we will continually monitor and check to make sure users are able to navigate and effectively use the site. Security and functionality tests will be run for your Queens’ company web site. And, over time, our team analyzes, monitors, improves and fine-tunes your web site as needed to keep it running optimally.

When you are ready for a free consultation from our friendly management team, call 855 gee-ksem or (855) 433-5736. We are ready and waiting to generate a made in USA web site that promises more traffic, better rankings and quality leads in the local as well as global marketplaces. Whether you are in NYC, Long Island, or Manhattan, call us today.

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