What Is Video Marketing

Our society is more dependent on videos to gather information and data than ever before. Just about every website will feature some in order to illustrate a product, share a customer testimonial or explain how something works. If your Manhattan company is ready to tackle such a project as part of the development of your website, give us a call. Our professionals at Web-SEO will come out to meet with your company executives to understand your business strategy and map out a comprehensive program to meet your needs.

Share Your Story

The power of videos is in the fact that they help tell your company’s story in a unique, potentially captivating way. Whether your New York business or your Long Island company is selling an innovative service, promoting a new brand, or increasing awareness of a cause, this medium can tell a story in a way that simple text cannot.

What Is Video Marketing?

In this way, our professionals will help you craft a catchy title, a captivating introduction and a product focused on your business’ message in order to meet your specific business strategy and needs. A poorly done production can result in visitors clicking away from your site and moving onto a competitor’s page instead. Let us help you craft an effective and affordable product that accurately shares your story.

A Few Basic Technicalities

Our team of experts will ensure that your company takes care of some basic technical issues when incorporating videos into your web site. For example, we will make sure that they can be accessed not only online but also easily seen on mobile devices. As these devices advance, develop and increase, it will be more and more important that video-watching on these devices will be easy and seamless.

Major search engines reward sites for great videos. As a result, our team will help optimize your presence on Google, Bing and Yahoo engines, securing great ranking and results based on your production and script content.

We’ll be sure to include key contact information that is easy to access by your viewers such as your homepage URL, phone number and e-mail details. We understand that videos are designed to drive interest and business to your web site to ultimately improve your bottom line results.

Our staff will help you pare down your key message in each production to its essence, keeping the programs short. Micro-video apps can also be used in particular cases to shorten videos to under 10 seconds for social media application. Figuring out exactly where to embed your programs within your web site is also an important consideration. Ideal placement can significantly increase conversion rates.

All About Content

Once we hammer out the technical components of video production, we’ll provide consultation, strategies and advice about creating excellent content.

One powerful component of video creation is to make sure you educate your viewer by providing friendly tips and information to help them solve whatever problem they might be having. By providing this service, your online exposure will probably increase significantly over only providing sales and marketing information.

Another way that optimizes your viewer’s experience is to pose questions and start a virtual conversation. Implementing a comment section below the video is an easy way to encourage engagement. Although you don’t want to fret over details to the point of perfection, we will help ensure that your programs exhibit professional production quality and music.

Use Programs As Marketing Strategy

Each time your NYC business launches a video, make in a big online event. Our friendly, responsive staff will help you consider how videos can go viral and work to spread the word once its produced and released.

Our team can help you incorporate your business’ own personality and character into your programs and related marketing by incorporating humor or other emotional components to help your productions stand out in a crowded marketplace.

By tapping into customer generated comments, your business can obtain third-party validation for your products and services. Let us help you help your customers do the talking so they can provide the sales and marketing testimonials that will speak much louder than promotional videos.

Finally, include a call to action so that your viewer will be motivated to take the next step, whether that be to make an appointment, fill out an inquiry form or give you a call. Remember the point of videos is the generate sales.

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