Paid media is an important tool in any business’ marketing plan. Our professionals at Web-SEO can help you understand everything from display ads to PPC advertisements and which ones would be best suited to your New York or New Jersey business. When you’re ready to explore the possibility of adding this tool to your strategy, give us a call. We would be happy to come out and meet with you at your office to help you get started.

Our professionals can help you create extremely targeted, customized paid campaigns. We can share our expertise in paid search ads, display advertising, Facebook paid ads, YouTube ads, and shopping campaigns.

How It Fits

Paid media is one component of a company’s marketing plan. Traditionally, a business may have some owned media like a blog or a web page that is managed internally and owned by that organization as well as earned media, which are things like positive reviews or comments from social media outlets. A third integrated piece of this puzzle is paid media, which involves paying an outside party to share your organization’s message or product to its audience.

This tool is often a great way to get started on the web when you need to cast a wide net. It can allow you to reach millions of people quickly and introduce your product or business to them, paving the way for earned media or generating traffic to owned media down the road.


Paid media is becoming more popular on various networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and our professionals can help you sort through which ones might best serve your companies needs. For example, some businesses might want to pay for a Facebook ad, which allows to you tap into their millions of daily users and target your audience by geographic area, age, gender, language and shopping behavior.

Your Manhattan business might want to pay for a promoted tweet on Twitter to generate followers or your Long Island organization may want to pay for a photo ad on Instagram to reach its 400 million subscribers.

Our Process

What is SEO?

If you choose to work with us, our professionals will come out and meet with your team to understand your business and products thoroughly. We want to research your market, competitors and current marketing strategy so that we can help add value to your entire process and ultimately boost your bottom line.

After we work with you to establish your business goals and objectives, our team will conduct an audit, which will give our team a starting point based on business analytics and current paid campaign data, if it exists.

Then, we will work with you to create a list of keywords that will form the foundation of our PPC programs and look at the best paid media outlets that will fit your particular organization. We will also want to look at what the competition is using in terms of paid media and see where there might be additional opportunities.

Once the paid media campaign is up and running, we’ll create a measurement strategy to see if we are meeting both short-term and long-term objectives. Our professionals can help your New York business make related adjustments on your website as the paid media campaign progresses to take advantage of opportunities that are identified. Our team analyzes the details. By regularly monitoring the results from the paid media campaign, we can make changes to your overall marketing plan as needed.

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