Why Do We Need Digital Marketing

When it’s time for you to take your website from a strictly promotional site to a truly ecommerce site, you’ll want to work with a digital marketing firm that can help you make that conversion smoothly and effectively.

Our staff at Web-SEO is ready to sit down with your business executives, whether you are in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Long Island or Queens, and hash out all the details in order to establish a successful ecommerce website for you. Call 855 gee-ksem or (855) 433-5736 for a free consultation today. Our local organization is ready to serve our New York and New Jersey neighbors.

Remember Your Goal

While websites in general can have many different goals, an ecommerce website typically has one simple goal: get your prospective customer to move from searching for a product to buying it as quickly as possible. Whether you are a Staten Island business, a NYC organization or a New Jersey store, you’ll want your ecommerce site to make this search-to-checkout journey simple, clean and efficient.

What Is Video Marketing?

In order to accomplish that goal, we’ll help you design an ecommerce site that is as flexible as your online shopper. Our experts can help you design effective and efficient filters so that potential customers can easily narrow down choices and find the product they are looking for quickly. In addition, we can make sure that customers can change their minds and alter their orders without a lot of extra clicking through unnecessary pages or steps. Along the same lines, if you own a business in the Bronx or a firm in Queens, you will also benefit from keeping your search bar front and center. Your customers will be much more likely to type in what they are looking for instead of wading through lists and sections of an ecommerce site.

It’s All About What You See

Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, ecommerce web site require shoppers to only make purchasing decisions on what they can see or perhaps hear. Customers can’t pick up the item, turn it over in their hands, try it on, or see what it feels like. As a result, you’ll want to take advantage of the sense of sight as much as possible.

By developing content management systems within an ecommerce site, our professionals can help you do just that and improve your sales and promotional efforts. Our local professionals can help you access quality photography that is made in USA to complement your brand and products. Our design team can apply their expertise to your company, brand and product, regardless if you are in New York, the Bronx, Long Island or Manhattan.

Our website designers will help keep your shopping cart, navigation bars, drop down menus, quantity and stock update charts, and other components accessible and clean. Adding some unique and attractive design components is a specialty of our creative team.

One other development that many of our customers have used successfully is the idea of a product preview page. This feature can allow your customers to see several of your products without a cumbersome and potentially slow journey throughout your web site. It’s an at-a-glance feature that speeds up the shopping process and better directs your customer to the checkout area. Once your Brooklyn business or Staten Island firm has helped your customer find the right product, we can ensure that your ecommerce site makes details like size, color or design selection easy to finalize.

Finally, one of the most important buttons on your ecommerce site is the “add to cart” button. Be sure it is easy to see and easy to access throughout the site, making it easy for your customer to get one step closer to closing the sale.

Driving Traffic

Besides helping to ensure that your potential customers get from searching to checkout quickly, our professionals at Web-SEO are experts at driving traffic to your ecommerce site in the first place. Our content marketing specialists and HTML programmers can ensure that you maximize search engine optimization as well as SEM, PPC and online exposure.

We can also help you with incorporating social media links into your ecommerce site as part of your program and establish a newsletter or e-mail direct marketing list lead generator into your site.

Web-SEO is proud to offer services made in the USA. As your NYC digital marketing firm, we are ready to exceed your expectations. Call 855 gee-ksem (or 855 433-5736) today for a free consultation.

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