What is SEO?

What is SEO?

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What is SEOWhat is SEO ? SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization and is used by search engines (especially Google) to rank the websites in the first search results page. So, in simpler words, SEO is a marketing strategy which is used for increasing the ranking of a website among the search engines. Normally, Google search engine makes use of an algorithm to list a website in the results as per the keywords typed by the users. Keywords are the words typed by the users to look for a specific result. Thus, SEO is a process of optimizing a website to the best results for a set of keywords.

There are different ways in which SEO can be done. The main SEO methods are SEO titles, headers, and URL addresses, writing SEO content, backlinking use of multimedia, and regular updates.

SEO titles, headers, and URL addresses

A webpage has a title and a heading. While the ‘title’ is displayed on the tab of the webpage, the heading is displayed on the webpage. When a user enters a keyword, the search engine tries to look for web pages which have the matching title, heading, and URL addresses. Thus, if your website’s title, heading and URL address match a set of a keyword, your website will be given a higher rank.

Writing SEO content

Search engines also try to match the keywords with the websites’ content. For example, if the users type in the keyword ‘golf player,’ the search engine tries to find an article on a website with the specific keyword. However, there may be many articles with the specific keyword. The search engine ranks the articles as per the ‘keyword density’ of the articles. The keyword density can be calculated by dividing the number of keywords present in the article by the number of words and then multiplying the final result by 100.

What is SEO?

Back Linking

Within a website, many hyperlinks can be observed linking that particular website to the other websites. These links are normally known as backlinks. A good example of back-links is Wikipedia. You can see reference websites at the bottom of a Wikipedia article. These hyperlinks are the back-links of the reference websites. The higher the number if back-links within a website, the higher is its rank.

Use of multimedia

Users prefer graphical websites as compared to plain looking websites containing only text. Thus, websites with higher graphical representations have a higher ranking.

Regular updates

People keep on looking for new information and updates. Thus, websites which display new updates enjoy a higher ranking.

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What is SEO?
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What is SEO?
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